The best trainers for dressage riding, groundwork training with horses, show jumping, horsemanship, rider fitness, muscle building of the horse and much more.

Christopher Bartle

Christopher Bartle is the national trainer of the British Eventing team. Until 2016, he was the German National Eventing Trainer. Despite his love for eventing he was part of the British Dressage Team in 1984 at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and placed 6th as an individual. In 1989, he won Badminton 4*.

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Anja Beran

Anja Beran is the owner and manager of the renewed training centre Gut Rosenhof”. The sensitive rider has been training horses up to the highest level, following the classical Principles, for over 25 years. 

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Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is one of Germany’s up and coming riders. She won the team gold in Tryon last year. She and her brother, Benjamin Werndl, train dressage horses at their stable, Gut Aubenhausen. 

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Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen

Jenny Wild and Peer Claßen are real equestrians. As trainers of Natural Horsemanship, they teach people to see and understand from the horse's perspective. With their everyday exercises, they help to rediscover and deepen the relationship with the horse.

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Peggy Cummings

Peggy Cummings is known for her training concepts, Connected Riding and Connected Groundwork. Her methods involve mental techniques, with which Peggy is able to help riders develop a centered and balanced seat. The focus revolves around her foundation principles of ease, effortlessness and the simple joy of riding. 

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Eva Deimel

Eva Deimel is a very experienced show jumping trainer. She passes her knowledge to her students, beginners or professionals, and the multiple Westphalian and Vice German Champion has the right tips for everyone. The basics such as dressage work and the right seat are her special concern, to enable a solid and safe show jumping foundation right from the start.

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Marlies Fischer-Zillinger

The physiotherapist Marlies Fischer-Zillinger, together with Claudia Weissauer, have developed the concept Body Language of the Rider and promote this through their seat improvement courses.

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Alizée Froment

She is an internationally known dressage rider and former National Trainer of the French Pony Dressage Team. She is also internationally renowned for her shows and demonstrations riding the Grand Prix movements with only a neck rope.

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Dr. Ina Gösmeier

Ina Gösmeier is a veterinarian with heart and soul and has specialized in treating horses with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many of her four-legged patients are world superstars. She is also involved in teaching acupuncture to veterinary practitioners at universities and lectures regularly in Britain, Ireland and the USA. She is a fully qualified Master of Equine Management and has competed in dressage up to Grand Prix level. 

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Uta Gräf

Uta Gräf made a name for herself on the international stage with her sensitive riding. Through her unusual combination of high-level dressage riding and allowing her horses to live as naturally as possible. She has become a role model for changing attitudes towards the horse and dressage for the better. 

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Saskia Gunzer

For many years she has been a successful trainer of work in hand, non-competitive dressage, trick training and the work in long reins, and trains horses of all breeds in the high school movements. 

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Bettina Hoy

Bettina Hoy is an eventing rider through and through. She rode for Germany on several World Championships and Olympiads and is today successful as a national coach of the Dutch national team. She pays attention to rider fitness as a decisive success factor.

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Philippe Karl

Philippe Karl was a rider for famous Cadre Noir in France for thirteen years. He has made a worldwide name for himself as a trainer, author, and founder of the Ecole de Légèreté.

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Ingrid Klimke

She is an Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion and is following in the footsteps of her famous father, dressage legend Reiner Klimke. Ingrid Klimke is one of the few professional riders in the world that is successful at an international level in both eventing as well as dressage.

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Dr. Reiner Klimke

The lawyer from Münster was already a riding legend in his lifetime. Taking part in six Olympic Games as well as his incredible success in European and World Championships made him one of the most amazing and successful dressage riders in the world. 

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Reinhart Koblitz

He is a riding instructor with more than 30 years of experience. During this time, he has helped his students, from the first riding badge to success in national, international competitions and championships (Olympics).

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Warwick McLean

The Australian combines his years of experience in horse behavior training and retraining horses, with his love of dressage, training and competing horses to Grand Prix. Together with his wife, he manages a training stable near Düsseldorf. He also assists with training the horses of Jessica von Bredow-Werndl.

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Lars Meyer zu Bexten

As a member of the Junior European Championship-winning Team, Lars Meyer zu Bexten was a very successful jump rider at an early age. Today the former National Trainer for Young Riders shares his knowledge as an international trainer and judge with the show jumping riders of tomorrow.

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Eckart Meyners

Eckart Meyners has lectured as Senior Professor in Physical Education for 38 years at the University of Lüneburg and has been involved in the subject of movement theory for riders for decades. He educates riders, trainers and judges for the FN (German Equestrian Federation) as well as running worldwide courses.

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Olaf Petersen

Olaf Petersen is one of the most successful showjumping course designers in the history of the sport. With his individual style, he revolutionized the way individual jumps and entire courses are put together. He is also known for being the only person to be responsible for designing the showjumping course at two Olympic Games.

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Martin Plewa

Martin Plewa is a representative of the classical riding apprenticeship. He was appointed riding master and learned with great masters such as Major a.D. Paul Stecken and Colonel a.D. Hans Winkel. For over 50 years he has been riding and training dressage, jumping as well as eventing. From 1985 to 2001 he was the national trainer of eventing in Germany.

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Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst

The globally active trainer passes on his over 35 years of experience in jumping to promising talents. He manages Gut Bärbroich as an international performance center and is dedicated to horse and rider training as well as the breeding of jumping horses. 

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Kathrin Roida

Kathrin Roida is committed to classic dressage. In hand and under saddle, she trains horses in an appropriate and sustainable way. With her work she wants to promote the health of the horse over the years.

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Dr. Britta Schöffmann

The journalist and former Grand Prix rider turned her hobby into “the most multi-faceted job in the world”: she rides, teaches, and writes. Her books on dressage are read worldwide.

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Paul Stecken

Retired Major, the late Paul Stecken, former director of the Westfalen Riding and Driving School and mentor of many world-renowned riders such as Reiner Klimke and his daughter, Ingrid Klimke, was well known for promoting the training of horses and riders following classical principles as originally outlined in the HDv12. 

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Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones is known worldwide as a horse trainer. She has developed effective, versatile and gentle methods, called the TTouch, that positively change the health and behavior of the horse. Her goals are to use gentle touches to build trust and confidence so that we can communicate and learn better together.

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Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres is one of the most successful Working Equitation riders world-wide. Born in Portugal he educates and trains horses and students as well as training the Portuguese Working Equitation National Team, that have won many European and World Championship titles.

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Sibylle Wiemer

A qualified school teacher following her passion as a riding coach, teaching the basics as well as training trainers. She coaches young and old, people with and without disabilities, on horses of all breeds and training levels.

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