Anja Beran

Anja Beran
Trainer of
Classical Equestrianism

Classical Dressage

“Dressage is there for the horse and not the horse there for dressage”

Dressage is there for the horse and not the horse there for dressage

My sole aim is to ensure in the course of my life that an increasing number of people become familiar with the art of classical horsemanship which has become a matter of such great importance to me and that they will also learn to appreciate it.  I hope very much that a great number of riders will be able to experience serious enthusiasm for classical horsemanship in its true and original sense”.

And that is exactly what she does at her own stable Gut Rosenhof in Rudratsried, Bavaria. She has been there since 2002, with about 45 horses in training, from Germany and abroad. She also teaches clinics in Sweden, England, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, USA, and the United Arab Emirates. To meet her goals not only has she published several videos but also written books.

Born in 1970 she spent her childhood visiting her Grandfathers hut in the middle of the Bavarian forest with no running water or electricity, wandering for hours through the hunting grounds with horses and dogs for company.

Anja visited Portugal as a 15-year-old where she rode under the master Luis Valenca and met her eventual mentor, Manuel Jorge de Oliveira, a supporter of the well-known Nuno Oliveira, with a reputation for helping rebalance the most difficult horses through his systematic gymnasticizing work.

Back in Germany, Anja Beran continued her education with Marc de Broissia. Once she finished school she began working there and stayed for fourteen years, with the opportunity to train and ride horses of various breeds and training levels through to the highest level.

Anja Beran considers those years of training with different horses and challenges as one of her great strengths.

In 2009 the Anja Beran Foundation was formed, providing animal welfare, environmental protection and the opportunity for students to be selected as apprentices, ensuring the almost lost art of classical riding is preserved and promoted.


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Degni Shael Part 2: Groundwork in Classic Dressage Training

Anja Beran

From racehorse to dressage professional: The Akhal-Teke "Degni Shael" is being completely retrained by Anja Beran, step by step, according to classical dressage principles. The groundwork is useful to help prepare the 5-year-old for understanding the rider’s aids and exercises under saddle.

Duration: 00:07:56 Minutes

Degni Shael Part 1: From Racing to Classical Dressage Training

Anja Beran

"Degni" is an Akhal Teke that raced for one year in Russia. His new home is Gut Rosenhof in the Allgäu, where he is trained by Anja Beran according to the classical dressage training principles. Look at his conversion and development and learn the basics principles of classical dressage training for your riding.

Duration: 00:10:04 Minutes

The Training of Young Horses According to Classical Principles – Practice

Anja Beran

Training young horses according to their natural characteristics - that should be the main goal in classical dressage. After the theory lecture from part 1, Anja Beran shows in this practical part of her seminar in Schwaiganger, how she trains her young horses in their daily work: responding to each horse as an individual, allowing as much time as necessary and making learning easy for him.

Duration: 00:57:59 Minutes

The Training of Young Horses According to Classical Principles – Theory

Anja Beran

After Anja Beran's successful theory lecture "Training of the eye" comes her next knowledge. In this video, Anja Beran gives you a detailed insight into her approach and her beliefs in the training of young horses according to classical principles, which she conclusively substantiated by well-founded sources. A must for all horse instructors!

Duration: 01:15:54 Minutes

Luis Figo Part 1: Starting the Dressage Training of a Young Stallion

Anja Beran

This film follows the progress of Luis Figo, a 6 year old stallion being trained by Anja Beran with her classical dressage methods. After a long break he is like a green horse again and tends to travel on the forehand. Anja shows us how she corrects this, step by step, helping him to take more weight with the hindquarters.

Duration: 00:18:34 Minutes

Safi Part 2: Accepting the Riding Aids & Lateral Movements Under the Saddle

Anja Beran

The stallion Safi has been in the classical training of Anja Beran for 9 months. This video shows the role of the rider's hand at this stage, which workload is right for the young horse, how he learns lateral movements under saddle and why circus lessons do far more than looking good.

Duration: 00:18:05 Minutes

Training The Eye - Recognizing Appropriate Training

Anja Beran

Horse-friendly training or misunderstood dressage - is the training system in modern equitation on the wrong track? This question is answered in this multimedia presentation by Anja Beran, one of the most renowned representatives of classical dressage. Animations created on the basis of real tournament scenes open the eyes of every horse friend. In her analysis, Anja Beran is supported by the Specialist in Chiropractic (A), Elisabeth Albescu.

Duration: 01:43:00 Minutes

Malakil Part 3: The First Steps of the Training of a Young Horse Under the Saddle

Anja Beran

The Arabian stallion Malakil starts his training under the saddle after being prepared on the lunge and in hand. On the ground the young horse has already been introduced to transitions and lateral movements. For the start of his training under the saddle, Anja Beran focuses on the mother of all gaits: the walk.

Duration: 00:16:25 Minutes

Malakil Part 2: Basic Education and Lateral Movements on the Ground

Anja Beran

Anja Beran is training the Arabian stallion Malakil step by step according to classical Dressage principles. In this video the basics of the work in hand are introduced. Basic education and lateral movements from the ground are an excellent preparation for work under saddle.

Duration: 00:08:08 Minutes

Safi Part 1: Getting Used to the Saddle & First Ride for the Young Horse

Anja Beran

The Arabian stallion Safi receives a sympathetic basic training from Anja Beran, following the principles of classical dressage. In this video, the young horse is not only being familiarized to the saddle but also prepared for being ridden for the first time.

Duration: 00:17:36 Minutes

Malakil Part 1: First Time Lunging & Saddling the Young Horse

Anja Beran

The three-year-old Arabian stallion Malakil is lunged for the first time in the indoor arena – this needs to be well prepared! Anja Beran shows what you have to pay attention to, what you learn about your horse while lunging and how to keep a young horse relaxed when putting a saddle on for the first time. 

Duration: 00:12:26 Minutes

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