How Horsemanship & Dressage can change the world with Karen Rohlf

Karen Rohlf was always in love with horses. Since she grew up with them, it wasn’t long before Karen recognized that she was responsible for her animal’s life experience. She was a student of Anne Gribbons for many years and got even more into horsemanship, when a completely “shut-down” Grand Prix horse was willed to her. She wanted to bring him “back to life”, so she joined a Pat Parelli clinic with him.

Those years of experience led her to found “Naturally Dressage”: A more natural approach to training, combining Dressage and Horsemanship. As an internationally successful instructor, she teaches her students how to help their horses become happy athletes. So she created her own Training Scale: “The Happy Athlete Training Scale”!

In this podcast episode, Karen gives you the opportunity to take a Look at her Life, what “Naturally Dressage” is about and also describes how to build a true relationship with your horse.

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