Felicity Davies: Building Confidence as an Equestrian

Felicity Davies is a Horsemanship and Mindset Mentor, and an expert at helping both horses and humans feel confident, whenever and wherever.

A former competitive rider, she was committed to finding a better way of working with horses and landed a job working in Germany at Will Rogers Performance Horses where she learnt how to help horses relax in any environment.

Felicity then moved back to Australia and implemented everything she had learnt while continously learning from the horses she worked with, their owners and a ton of online horsemanship and mindset resources.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear how Felicity learned how to consistently and successfully help hot, spooky, and shutdown horses relax in any environment, as well as build her own confidence around horses, riding, and training, to now be able to help anyone else do the same.

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