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With wehorse you build a stronger partnership with your horse! We work with over 60 over the best trainers in the world to support you through each step of your individual journey. The range of trainers includes German Olympian Ingrid Klimke, British National Trainer Chris Bartle, Ttouch master Linda Tellington Jones and many others. The learning resources include the entire range of disciplines in the equestrian world.

The best thing about it is that you can flexibly learn and improve whenever and wherever. Over 120 professional learning videos are at your fingertips and new content is produced every week for you.

Just as you can stream movies or music via Netflix or Spotify, it allows you to watch your training videos across all your devices like PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Anytime, anywhere.

Pick your price, pick your plan!

  • Monthly plan: You pay 24.90€ per month and you can cancel anytime.
  • Yearly plan: It is 14,90€ per month and you save 40 % compared to the monthly plan.

Here you find more info about the plans

Please note: If you wish to cancel your plan, you can easily do so via "My Plan" but 48 hours before the end of the term.

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Direct debit is only offered for users with Germany as country of residence.

You can also easily change your payment method under "My Plan":

  1. Please log in with email address and password at:www.wehorse.com 
  2. Then please click on your username in the upper right corner and go to "My Plan".
  3. There you have the possibility to change your payment details as well as your payment method.
  1. Please log in with your username or e-mail address and password at www.wehorse.com
  2. Then please click on your username in the upper right corner and go to "My Plan".
  3. There you can cancel your subscription with one click. Your subscription will then no longer be automatically renewed and you will receive a confirmation email. Please note that a cancellation must be received 48 hours before the end of the subscription period in order to be effective.

Just click here, to reset your password

YES, YOU CAN! You can switch from a monthly to an annual subscription at any time.

    1. Please log in with your email address and password at www.wehorse.com
    2. Then please click on your username in the upper right corner and go to "My Plan".
    3. Here you can easily change your subscription via the button "Change access".

Please note that the change will take effect at the end of the running subscription.


Technical questions


Log in and go to "My profile". Here you can find your personal data and change them.

If you cannot log in, there may be several reasons:

  • Make sure you used the correct email address
  • If you have forgotten your password, simply click here to reset your password.

If you still experience problems logging in, please email us at service@wehorse.com. We will be happy to help you!

If you have selected a video, you will find a symbol in the lower right corner. Click on it and the video will play on the full screen.

Our videos are fully optimized to almost any device and bandwidth. In order to have the best quality, please make sure to have sufficient internet connectivity. We recommend a bandwidth of 5 MBit/s to ensure good quality. Please make sure, you have the latest version of the browser installed.

Here is a list of the browsers that are compatible with wehorse:

  • Chrome
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 Windows 10 or 8.1
  • Edge
  • Mac Safari
  • iOS Safari

If your browser is up to date, the problem can also be the download speed of your internet. In order to be able to watch the online videos smoothly and without problems, we recommend a speed of at least 2 Mbit/second. To test your Internet download speed, simply click here.

If you use mobile internet, you should check whether your contract includes a data transfer volume limit. If this is the case, it is possible that the speed of your connection will be slowed down after the data volume agreed in the contract has been used. In this case, you will actually only be able to use the Internet to a limited extent.

If you are still having problems, please email us with your account details at service@wehorse.com and include the following information:

  • The result of the test of your download speed
  • Information about your system: Which device do you use? Which version does your browser have?
  • What type of Internet connection do you use, i.e. DSL via telephone or cable, mobile Internet with a SIM card or another?
  • Do you watch the training videos in an office building or similar that has a firewall or proxy server between the Internet and your device?

If you see any videos, there may be several reasons:

  • We do not support devices running on Android 4.x and lower.
  • Please make sure that you always run on the latest version of your browser. We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If you can't hear any sound, there may be several reasons:

  • Is the sound on your device loud enough?
  • Is the tone control in our player set to "mute"?
  • Are you watching on an iPhone or iPad? If you have activated the mute function, your device will not output sound for online videos.

No, currently the training videos can only be streamed, so you always need an active internet connection.


Further questions


You can also access all of our content until your subscription expires. You can see the expiration date in your account under "My plan". After this date you will not be able to see the full video anymore.

Every week, wehorse provides you with new videos on various topics.

Under each online video, you will find a detailed description of the learning content. You can also watch a short trailer for free at any time, which gives you a first impression of the video.

We are always looking for passionate and motivated co-workers. If you are interested in joining our team, check out our career center or send us an email to service@wehorse.com.We love to hear from you!

The protection of your data is very important to us!

For this reason, we protect your personal data and collect or use only the data that we need for the operation of the streaming platform (Article 6, Para. 1, sub. b GDPR).

If you want to know more about data protection at wehorse, you can find our Privacy Policy here.

If you want to view or change your master data, first log in with your user name and password. Then simply click on your username and on "My profile". Here you can see the data stored by us and change it if necessary.

Your question is not answered in the FAQ? Simply send us an e-mail to service@wehorse.com