Leading is the First Step of Any Training on the Ground

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Bea Borelle is known for training her horses from the basic circus lessons to high school exercises. Through consistent daily training and a playful approach, she teaches her horses to have fun with items that they are normally afraid of.

Clear communication between horse and trainer is the key to successfully master any exercises. Your body language, voice and artificial aids such as the whip and the lunge are your communication tools. During each exercise, you need to make sure that you use and combine your aids precisely so that your horse understands what is expected.

You will learn in this video:

  • Bea Borelle‚Äôs approach to making training fun
  • Desensitizing the horse to the whip
  • How to get started with lunging at liberty

Bea Borelle

Bea Borelle is known throughout the European and International scene as a multi-talented and motivating instructor.  Her extensive skills for training horses in-hand, on the lunge and according to the classical principles of dressage define her as a unique horse-woman and an exceptional trainer. 

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