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Rein back is the starting point of various exercises. From turning to moving laterally, there are many fun things that your horse can learn to do by moving backwards. Learn how to correctly position yourself and give clear signals to your horse.

In this video, you will learn how to teach your horse the fundamentals of rein back. All you need to get started: a rope, a whip and a few treats. You will also see how to take training to the next step using poles on the ground.

You will learn in this video:

  • How to react when your horse misunderstands your signals
  • When and how to reward the horse
  • Practicing lateral backwards movements

Bea Borelle

Bea Borelle is known throughout the European and International scene as a multi-talented and motivating instructor.  Her extensive skills for training horses in-hand, on the lunge and according to the classical principles of dressage define her as a unique horse-woman and an exceptional trainer. 

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Gymnasticizing Work in Hand Part 5: Yelding and Crossing Over

Kathrin Roida

The yielding and crossing over in hand is not just a good way of beginning the lateral work in hand but also increases the flexibility and suppleness and ease with which a horse can bend the hindquarters. Kathrin Roida shows us in this video how we can try this with our own horse and with what aids we can "loosen" our horse.

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Dressage Training Part 3: Preparation for the Novice Class and Riding with the Double Bridle

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Work in Long Reins Part 2: Handling the Reins & First Exercises

Saskia Gunzer

Long reining is a fascinating way to school the horse in all the movements without the weight of the rider. With a bit of preparation in this craft, it should be no problem to attempt this work. Once the horse steps forward and turns on command, the serpentines across the whole arena are not that far off.

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Gymnasticizing Work in Hand Part 2: Lateral Movements

Kathrin Roida

Mobilizing a horse laterally through the sidewards work provides many health benefits for your horse: he trains his back, bending the joints of his hindlegs becomes easier and all the muscles in his neck and body are stretched. Other advantages of lateral movement and how you can correctly implement them is shown by Kathrin Roida in this video.

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Degni Shael Part 2: Groundwork in Classic Dressage Training

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From racehorse to dressage professional: The Akhal-Teke "Degni Shael" is being completely retrained by Anja Beran, step by step, according to classical dressage principles. The groundwork is useful to help prepare the 5-year-old for understanding the rider’s aids and exercises under saddle.

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