Helios journey to becoming a dressage horse Part 2: Trot work & half pass

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In the second part of this series, you will see Uta Gräf and Helios working on improving the half pass. The goal is to be able to go across the diagonal with a soft and steady contact, the pole staying the highest point of the neck and the forehead remaining at the vertical.

One of the key points of lateral work is that the horse remains patient and relaxed but stays responsive to the rider’s aids. Combining exercises such as transitions within the lateral exercises or alternate between two different movements is an efficient way to keep the horse focused and receptive to the rider’s demands.

In this video, Uta Gräf will show you how to use leg yielding as a preparatory exercise and how to progressively introduce half pass to the training session. You will see that by slowly increasing the difficulty of the demands and paying attention to how your horse feels, you will have a much higher chance of success while riding technical exercises such as half passes.

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You will learn in this video:

  • Building a training session according to your goals and the way your horse feels
  • How you can use transitions to improve the half pass
  • How combining exercises can help you keep your horse focused and responsive

Uta Gräf

Uta Gräf made a name for herself on the international stage with her sensitive riding. Through her unusual combination of high-level dressage riding and allowing her horses to live as naturally as possible. She has become a role model for changing attitudes towards the horse and dressage for the better. 

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