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For Uta Gräf and her husband, Stefan Schneider, caring for your horse goes far beyond riding him nicely. Husbandry or feeding is as important for the well-being of your horse. Giving the horse the chance to socialize in the field or ride him on outdoors as often as possible are one of the many ways to keep him happy and motivated. This video lets us experience Uta Gräf’s training and husbandry concepts.

Those who see Uta Gräf’s successful Grand Prix horse, Le Noir, coat gleaming in the competition arena, would never think he spends his free time rolling in the mud and playing with his best friend, Löffel, the donkey. The energetic stallion, Damon Jerome, also enjoys having enough space to run around in. Uta Gräf tells how keeping the horses as close as possible to how nature intended has helped her riding.

Further aspects covered are the feeding of lots of forage, with 24-hour access to hay or grass, and the ground training of the young competition horses. Stefan Schneider demonstrates how he teaches the unbroken youngster, Emmerson, the basics from the ground, all necessary for his education later as a competition horse. He also works with Damon Jerome, showing what he expects of the young macho stallion. Giving your horse the right daily care can make a huge difference in the training under the saddle. Uta Gräf confirms “for me, it is extremely important that the horse is calm and relaxed before I get in the saddle. This work is therefore enormously helpful in riding with fine aids”

You will learn in this video:

  • What are the fundamentals of caring when it comes to competition horses
  • How spending time in the field as a positive influence on their training
  • Why providing the horses with 24-hour access to roughage is so important 

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Uta Gräf

Uta Gräf made a name for herself on the international stage with her sensitive riding. Through her unusual combination of high-level dressage riding and allowing her horses to live as naturally as possible. She has become a role model for changing attitudes towards the horse and dressage for the better. 

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