Dressage sport – holistic approach to success Part 3: Hand and ground work for dressage horses

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Meaningful variation and balance for the horse and rider belong to the holistic approach to the training of the Werndl siblings. As well as the dressage work the horses go on relaxed hacks out, do gymnastic jumping and regular exercise on the lunge.

Another important part of dressage education is the work in hand. For this work, they have the help of the Head Rider of the Spanish Riding School, Andreas Hausberger. We can watch in this video how a young horse is introduced to the work in hand, how they are later worked in piaffe and how the siblings include this work in their day to day training.

The mind of the horse is taken into consideration in training. Self-confident and brave horses find it easier to learn and the foundations for strong nerves is started on the ground. Warwick McLean is a groundwork training partner of Jessica and Benjamin. He explains in the video exactly how the horsemanship training can help the dressage horses stay relaxed in unfamiliar situations and which psychological aspects he considers in his training. 

You will learn in this video:

  • How the young horses are taught piaffe from the ground
  • Why the siblings feel the groundwork is so helpful in the training of all horses
  • What Jessica does on the ground with her young horses to build trust

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl is one of Germany’s up and coming riders. She won the team gold in Tryon last year. She and her brother, Benjamin Werndl, train dressage horses at their stable, Gut Aubenhausen. 

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