High Noon Part 2: Lunging and ground preparatory exercises of the horse

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Philippe Karl finds the ground work an important part of the training of a horse and he lunges his horses before each training session.  Naturally without side reins and never around and around in mind-numbing circles. He uses this work to warm the joints and muscles as well as for gymnasticizing, and strengthening the trust and discipline of his horses.

The work done on the ground Philippe Karl shows us here; encouraging the horse to chew and bending exercises in hand, is good preparation for the work under saddle. He also begins from the ground with exercises in walk to help the horse improve his balance and to mobilize his hindquarters.

For Philippe Karl, preparatory exercises on the ground or on the lunge are more than valuable for the training under the saddle as they help prevent some common difficulties such as accepting the contact with the bit or getting used to the first rein commands.


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You will learn in this video:

  • The lunging exercises that can be done with the horse
  • How a horse can be taught to relax when the reins are used
  • Why shoulder in from the ground is helpful for horse and rider

Philippe Karl

Philippe Karl was a rider for famous Cadre Noir in France for thirteen years. He has made a worldwide name for himself as a trainer, author, and founder of the Ecole de Légèreté.

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