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Horses want to go well!”, the late Paul Stecken, who unfortunately passed away at the age of 100 in 2017, was part of the group responsible for the German “Reitvorschrift HDv12” book being actualized in the 1930s. He has spent his entire life promoting training and riding horses following these established principles.

In this video, he takes us with him as he shares his memories and thoughts on the changes in riding sport over the last 90 years. Paul Stecken discusses the two existing outlooks and the resulting problems with such riding, training, and judging.

In this interview he criticizes, amongst others, the attitude of the FEI, shares what he believes to be absolute mistakes in the developments of horse training and explains what measures he wishes would be implemented in horse sport in the future. Telling the story of Nector, a successful horse Ingrid Klimke previously rode, he shares his personal experiences and gives the viewers a glimpse into his reasoning as to why he tirelessly promotes a fair, correct and sound education for horses.

“nothing is more enjoyable to experience than horses going well, being successful, happy and thankful because of this way of training”

You will learn in this video:

  • Who is Paul Stecken and why is the so renown
  • How did dressage discipline evolve in the last 60 years
  • What he thinks about hyperflexion

If you want to see Paul Stecken’s philosophy in practice, check out how he trains Ingrid Klimke in this video: Just Paul Part 1: First dressage training session with Paul Stecken for the young horse

Paul Stecken

Retired Major, the late Paul Stecken, former director of the Westfalen Riding and Driving School and mentor of many world-renowned riders such as Reiner Klimke and his daughter, Ingrid Klimke, was well known for promoting the training of horses and riders following classical principles as originally outlined in the HDv12. 

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