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In the course "Basic Knowledge" you will find much valuable information about the daily handling of the horse. In order to keep him healthy in the long term, regular grooming before and after riding is essential. It is much more than just having him clean and shiny and it is a decisive step in the rapprochement between horse and human.

In this video, Sibylle Wiemer explains the different tools and techniques. The instructor goes into detail about the individual steps and gives important tips and hints for a safe, thorough and pleasant horse grooming.

Learn to read your horse and pay attention to details in the behavior, because the grooming can have a stimulating or calming effect on horse and man. Sibylle Wiemer explains, among other things, different techniques for knots or the difference between bones and muscle parts when brushing. She also shows how to properly pick the hooves and brush the tail without tearing out the hair. A valuable video for beginners or for refreshing your knowledge. 


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You will learn in this video:

  • What kind of tools you need for cleaning your horse properly and how to use them
  • How to handle your horse while grooming to have a safe and enjoyable time
  • How the everyday grooming is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship

Sibylle Wiemer

A qualified school teacher following her passion as a riding coach, teaching the basics as well as training trainers. She coaches young and old, people with and without disabilities, on horses of all breeds and training levels.

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Sibylle Wiemer

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Acupressure for Horses Part 1: Introduction

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