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The horse-riding course "Basic Knowledge" offers you valuable information on the daily handling of the horse. In this video, riding instructor Sibylle Wiemer introduces different saddles and saddle pads and gives you hints on what to look for when buying or fitting a saddle.

Step by step, she demonstrates how a horse should be tacked, how saddle and girth must lie, and which anatomical requirements are important for a comfortable fit.

However, the best saddle does not help if it does not fit properly! Sibylle Wiemer explains what matters for the right fit and with what simple means the layman can check whether the saddle is suitable for the horse or not.

You will learn in this video:

  • What is the difference between all types of saddles
  • How to know if your saddle fits for your horse
  • How to choose the right saddle to buy

Further videos in this series:

Sibylle Wiemer

A qualified school teacher following her passion as a riding coach, teaching the basics as well as training trainers. She coaches young and old, people with and without disabilities, on horses of all breeds and training levels.

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