Riding with Franklin Balls® Part 2: Franklin Balls Under the Legs

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“My horse is more supple and goes happily forwards by himself” The second part of the video “riding with Franklin Balls” shows where and how the orange and red air-filled Franklin Balls are placed under the upper leg.

Physical education expert Eckart Meyners and riding instructor Sibylle Wiemer explain the use of the soft Franklin Balls and assist the riders as they test them. The 7cm and 10cm Franklin Balls are placed in various areas right and left with the height being changed several times. The riders explain the before and after feeling.

The Franklin Balls stimulate the adductor muscles, responsible for “gripping”, preventing the legs from pressing too hard, letting the heels better act as shock absorbers. The legs then move into the correct position by themselves once the Franklin Balls are removed. The adductors also correspond with the shoulder area, creating a better opening and lifting of the chest and thus the rider swinging harmonically with the horse.

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Riding with Franklin Balls® Part 3: Franklin Balls Under the Armpits

You will learn in this video:

  • How to improve the legs position by riding with the red or orange Franklin Balls
  • Where to place the balls and what effect you can expect
  • How to prevent gripping, improve posture and balance when riding

Eckart Meyners

Eckart Meyners has lectured as Senior Professor in Physical Education for 38 years at the University of Lüneburg and has been involved in the subject of movement theory for riders for decades. He educates riders, trainers and judges for the FN (German Equestrian Federation) as well as running worldwide courses.

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