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A considerate portion of the Working Equitation is the cow work, only carried out as a team and stemming from the traditional work the ranchers encountered daily. You get to see first-hand which exercises are so important and in a real-life situation; the cattle have no idea what is expected. Speed, patience, and precision are necessary as it is not always easy to keep the herd under control!

Another part of Working Equitation is the Speed Trial. World Champion Pedro Torres and his legendary stallion Oxidado are absolute experts. With agility and amazing changes in tempo, they fly around the course - from the wooden bridge, through the gate through to handling the Garrocha effortlessly. Be inspired by the ease with which the pair work together!

Pedro Torres shows us in this video how Working Equitation is hardly possible without a classical dressage foundation. Both disciplines require an agile, willing, relaxed, attentive and well-schooled horse.

You will learn in this video:

  • The patience required when singling out a relatively wild cow from the rarely handled herd
  • What is expected of each horse and rider in the cow work of Working Equitation
  • How a world-class pair look when they zip effortlessly through the Speed Trial course

Further videos in this series:

Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres is one of the most successful Working Equitation riders world-wide. Born in Portugal he educates and trains horses and students as well as training the Portuguese Working Equitation National Team, that have won many European and World Championship titles.

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