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While working with Anja Beran, you won't meet a horse that is uncontrolled under the saddle or when the rider moves around. Knowing what’s important while introducing the horse to the saddle and the rider’s weight for the first time will help prevent mistakes from the beginning.

From the first time putting on the saddle to lunging with the stirrups down: the trainer shows in this video how Safi, a 3-year-old stallion is prepared for being ridden for the first time. Certain basic rules enable even a sensitive and spirited young horse to get used to the training in a relaxed and positive way.

You will see how the first ride is prepared, step by step, what the potato bag position is all about and when is the right time to end the training session. It is better to stop in time and practice circus lessons. This creates trust, brings variety into the training and help you keep your horse motivated!

You will learn in this video:

  • What you can do on the lunge to prepare the young horse to be ridden for the first time
  • How to introduce a young horse to the weight of the rider
  • How Anja Beran teaches to the horses to bow!

Further videos in this series: 

Safi part 2: Accepting the riding aids & lateral movements under the saddle


Anja Beran

Anja Beran is the owner and manager of the renewed training centre Gut Rosenhof”. The sensitive rider has been training horses up to the highest level, following the classical Principles, for over 25 years. 

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