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Luis Figo is a son of L'Espoir who came to Anja Beran’s stables at the age of 5. He has had a long break in his schooling and started his dressage training with Anja Beran as a horse who has just been broken in. "He was a little front heavy, used, as the saying goes, the fifth leg, leaned on the forehand and threw himself on the rider's hand," explains Anja Beran, trainer of classical dressage. "We have now gradually tried gymnastics to bring the horse into better balance and he is now carrying himself better.

Gymnastics is the key to a better balance and the ability for the horse to carry himself. In this dressage training video, you'll learn how Anja Beran gets closer to this goal, how Luis Figo learns to react to fine aids and why the canter work was a real challenge at the beginning. Seeing how the walk-canter transitions have improved and what can be achieved with patience and an adapted classical training is a real inspiration!

The next step of the dressage training when it comes to lateral movements is to combine the different exercises. The goal is to go from one exercise to another with a smooth and relaxed transition. How did Anja Beran and Vera Munderloh managed to get Luis Figo to work in a more "uphill" neck position and why getting used to the snaffle bridle is a perquisite to the work on the double bridle? Check it out in the movie!

You will learn in this video:

  • How to help your horse learn to balance and carry himself during the dressage training
  • What you need to take care off while exercising the lateral movements
  • Why and how the snaffle bit and the double bridle can be a worthwhile tool for correction

Anja Beran

Anja Beran is the owner and manager of the renewed training centre Gut Rosenhof”. The sensitive rider has been training horses up to the highest level, following the classical Principles, for over 25 years. 

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