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Learning to understand horses. "We bring people closer to the horse world and horses closer to the human world." This is how Jenny and Peer summarize their work as a teacher of Natural Horsemanship in one sentence. Of course, there is much more to it: understanding the needs of the horse and deepening the relationship with him.

The main exercises of Natural Horsemanship. You will hear three terms over and over again: focus, energy, and timing. In her films, Jenny and Peer show you the exercises that quickly bring people and horses on the same wavelength. You do not have to change everything you've learned so far - it's more about taking a new perspective and better communicating with your horse.

Lex is a somewhat uncertain paint-gelding, his half-sister Amy has Arab blood and you can tell by her behavior. The other seven horses you'll meet in the movies all have their own character and you will learn from each of them. Horsemanship not only is about working with a horse but understanding them and building their training according to their own nature and personality.

Further videos in this series:
Natural horsemanship part 2: Understand the body language of the horse
Natural Horsemanship Part 3: Useful equipment & haltering with feeling
Natural Horsemanship Part 4: Handling of the equipment


You will learn in this video:

  • To use the Lunge work positively as an indispensable balance to manual work
  • What is the philosophy behind Horsemanship and how to use it
  • How to control your horse while running free and how to call him back

Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen

Jenny Wild and Peer Claßen are real equestrians. As trainers of Natural Horsemanship, they teach people to see and understand from the horse's perspective. With their everyday exercises, they help to rediscover and deepen the relationship with the horse.

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