Riding cross country with Chris Bartle – the safe seat

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Bid number one: Sit in Balance

The key to sage riding in the cross country is the way you sit on your horse on each phase of the course. The goal: To be balanced with the horse at all times and be able to manage any precarious situations. Chris Bartle explains the relationship between balance, gravity and kinetic energy.

The 5 cross country sit positions

From the racing seat to the “oh shit” position – with these 5 positions of cross-country seat, you can communicate with your horse during the cross-country round and be optimally prepared for each challenge. Chris Bartle shows you which seat features provide safety.

Benefit from Chris Bartle’s experience

Chris Bartle’s years of experience, his developed training device “rock on ruby” and practical film examples from professional sports and training make this film a real treasure trove for eventing riders. A must for beginners and professionals. For Chris Bartle, a good balance and a good sit are necessary to ride your horse safely on a cross country course regardless of the level you are riding.


You will learn in this video:

  • The 5 cross country seats every eventing rider should know
  • balancing your horse before, over and after the jump using your sit position
  • How the “Oh shit” position can save both of you from difficult situations

Christopher Bartle

Christopher Bartle is the national trainer of the British Eventing team. Until 2016, he was the German National Eventing Trainer. Despite his love for eventing he was part of the British Dressage Team in 1984 at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and placed 6th as an individual. In 1989, he won Badminton 4*.

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