Gymnasticizing Work in Hand Part 3: Training the Horse on the Lunge and at Liberty 2018-04-05T00:00:00+02:00

Kathrin Roida uses a cavesson for the lunge work. She explains what we should concentrate on when lunging and which exercises are most useful to help your horse move in a loose and supple way, with a relaxed swinging back.

If your horse has learned to soften and yield with the shoulder you can begin to train a fluid change of direction on the lunge. Kathrin Roida shows us how. Beginning in walk and once the aids are established and it's going well, try it in trot or even canter.

Another part of training your horse can be done at liberty. He has the chance to let off some steam and you can more easily observe how he moves and analyze any crookedness. Kathrin Roida shows us how best to use the groundwork and specific lunge work to be able to guide your horse with the finest of aids when training at liberty.

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You will learn in this video:

  • Using the work on the lunge as an indispensable preparation for the work in hand
  • Aids needed to train the horse for a fluid change of rein on the lunge
  • How you can control your horse at liberty and call him back to you

Kathrin Roida

Kathrin Roida is committed to classic dressage. In hand and under saddle, she trains horses in an appropriate and sustainable way. With her work she wants to promote the health of the horse over the years.

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