Basic Jumping Training Part 1: The Basics of Jumping Preparatory Dressage 2018-05-24T00:00:00+02:00

Finally, learn to jump! Eva Deimel is a very successful showjumper and trainer, among others in the stables of the Olympic champion, Ingrid Klimke. In this series, she guides you step by step through the basics of show jumping and introduces you to a lot of exercises to try in your daily training!

The jumping seat differs significantly from the dressage seat. Your stirrups are shorter, and you need to change your light seat to reach one position or another. Eva Deimel shows you the basics: Where do your knees have to lie? What are the fundamentals of the light seat? Where should you keep your hands?

Having a horse „in front of you“ and responding to the aids is a very important prerequisite for showjumping training. Eva Deimel introduces exercises is this video to help you reach that. You will also learn more about the interaction between outer and inner rein and about the use of the half-halt. 

You learn in this video:

  • What the correct jumping seat looks like and what you need to be able to do it
  • What are the training requirements before starting show jumping
  • How to ride your horse from behind to the front hand and how to close him

Further videos in this series:

Eva Deimel

Eva Deimel is a very experienced show jumping trainer. She passes her knowledge to her students, beginners or professionals, and the multiple Westphalian and Vice German Champion has the right tips for everyone. The basics such as dressage work and the right seat are her special concern, to enable a solid and safe show jumping foundation right from the start.

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