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When assessing a riding horse you should try to get the best possible overall impression, most riders are looking for horses with a good temperament, well put together conformation, and nice movement. But what does "good" actually mean when judging the conformation of horses? This video gives you the basics and shows you what factors should be considered.

A horse’s conformation refers to all of the features that can be seen from the outside. The term “type” refers to the breed or gender whereas “weight” refers to the size of the body and bone thickness. The horse's height is of secondary importance as long as it suits the rider. The proportion of the body is more important than any individual dimension.

In addition to its external appearance while standing and moving, a horse's temperament is also important for assessing its quality. Its eyes, ear movements and facial expression can give you a lot of information on the horse.

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You will learn in this video:

  • What should be considered when looking at the conformation of horses
  • Why the proportion of the horse's body is of great importance
  • What the facial expression of the horse can tell you about its temperament

Martin Plewa

Martin Plewa is a representative of the classical riding apprenticeship. He was appointed riding master and learned with great masters such as Major a.D. Paul Stecken and Colonel a.D. Hans Winkel. For over 50 years he has been riding and training dressage, jumping as well as eventing. From 1985 to 2001 he was the national trainer of eventing in Germany.

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