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When it comes to buying a horse, the first impression is important. Taking a look at the horse in the stable, whilst being led or tacked up, is a great way to get an idea of the general behaviour and manners of the horse. Observing the horse being ridden helps to assess the quality of the movement, the rideability as well as seeing any problems that might arise.

When riding the horse, the feeling you get is important, basic requests will quickly reveal strengths and weaknesses in the ridden work. For example, the rhythm in walk ideally shouldn't change when you shorten the reins. The balance of the horse, as well as its ability to stay straight, can be tested by riding transitions.

Other criteria such as the health of the horse, its behaviour outdoors or other characteristics particular to your needs should also be taken into consideration and tested. You should always remember: when buying a horse, the overall goal is for your training together to be fun!

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You will learn in this video:

  • What to look for when observing the horse for the first time
  • What exercises are valuable when trying a horse
  • Why veterinary examinations are important

Martin Plewa

Martin Plewa is a representative of the classical riding apprenticeship. He was appointed riding master and learned with great masters such as Major a.D. Paul Stecken and Colonel a.D. Hans Winkel. For over 50 years he has been riding and training dressage, jumping as well as eventing. From 1985 to 2001 he was the national trainer of eventing in Germany.

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