Just Paul Part 2: A varied training for the young horse

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The young gelding that we have only just started to follow in this series is, as a three-year-old, at the very start of his training with Ingrid Klimke. His training program does not involve being ridden every day, he is also lunged over poles on the ground and exercised in the indoor without a rider, ensuring that he can find his balance, learn co-ordination and build muscles without the extra challenge of carrying a rider.

It is difficult for the young gelding to balance properly on turns and to go over the poles correctly but after a few attempts, we can see an obvious improvement. Under saddle, it is especially important at the beginning of their education to give the horse plenty of variation. Trotting and cantering actively outside the arena, learning to ride past other horses in the field and going through puddles in the outdoor all prepare the horse for his life as a ridden horse and keep him motivated in his training. You can watch the first part of the “Just Paul” series, Part 1: first training session with Paul Stecken here.

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You will learn in this video:

  • How Just Paul is introduced to the lunge work
  • The importance of variations in the training of a young horse
  • Why Ingrid loves riding in the outdoor after it rained!

Ingrid Klimke

She is an Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion and is following in the footsteps of her famous father, dressage legend Reiner Klimke. Ingrid Klimke is one of the few professional riders in the world that is successful at an international level in both eventing as well as dressage.

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