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With the "plank", you train several parts of your body simultaneously, such as the abdominals, your back and glutes. Bettina Hoy and fitness trainer, Malte Papen, show you how this exercise will help you control the right muscles for effective halts and half halts when you ride.

Superman and Hollow hold - with this combination of two exercises you can strengthen your core and back muscles! Using "Tabata Intervals", with 20 seconds doing an exercise and then a 10 second break, is particularly effective and motivating. Bettina and Malte show you how it works and what benefits these exercises have on your riding seat.

The instructions of your own riding trainer are sometimes not so easy to execute. Exactly how do you "use" your back? Which muscles do you need for a deeper seat? Watch in the video, which exercises help, how to implement them in the saddle and how you can easily develop a training routine in the stable.

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You will learn in this video:

  • Which fitness exercises can help you to ride precise and successful halts
  • What a "Tabata Interval" is and how it helps make your fitness session effective
  • How you can easily train in the stable – using the equipment you already have

Bettina Hoy

Bettina Hoy is an eventing rider through and through. She rode for Germany on several World Championships and Olympiads and is today successful as a national coach of the Dutch national team. She pays attention to rider fitness as a decisive success factor.

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