Dressage in detail Part 4: Turn on the hindquarters and walk pirouette

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Whilst the turn on the hindquarters is done from halt the rider develops the pirouette in walk. Riding master Dr. Reiner Klimke shows and explains in this video how both movements should look, where which hoof should tread when and mistakes to avoid.

"The horse will be guided around within the rhythm of the walk" comments Dr. Reiner Klimke of the pirouette. There should only be a very slight inside flexion in conjunction with a driving outside leg. The function of the inside leg and how the exact aids are given for the turn on the hindquarters are shown in this video.

A large pirouette is a good exercise, with the rider really concentrating that the horse learns to turn in rhythm, a quarter pirouette is also a good exercise. Take a look at how you can playfully develop these movements and also why playful trot and canter breaks are so important.

You will learn in this video:

  • How a turn on the hindquarters and a pirouette are correctly ridden
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How you can give the correct aid and in the correct moment 

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Dr. Reiner Klimke

The lawyer from Münster was already a riding legend in his lifetime. Taking part in six Olympic Games as well as his incredible success in European and World Championships made him one of the most amazing and successful dressage riders in the world. 

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