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TTouches can not only help your horse but also you. Linda Tellington-Jones shows you her three magic touches to help you help yourself. The first one is the heart hug. The goal is for you to reach a quiet resting place which is ideal for recovery. You will learn how to coordinate movement and breathing and use smiling and expressing gratitude to make you feel good.

If you’ve ever felt nervous before getting on your horse, you can try the mouth-TTouch. If touching our mouth is a natural human reflex you will see that doing it consciously can help you relax and gain serenity.

The ears are connected to our entire body, getting rid of discomfort or simply increasing your energy level can be done with this simple touch. Linda will also share the story of how she saved a horse from colic with the ear touches.


You will learn in this video:

  • The three magic TTouches for riders
  • How to reduce or eliminate your fear of riding
  • How the Ear-TTouch can help rid you of discomfort

Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones is known worldwide as a horse trainer. She has developed effective, versatile and gentle methods, called the TTouch, that positively change the health and behavior of the horse. Her goals are to use gentle touches to build trust and confidence so that we can communicate and learn better together.

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