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The combination of various lateral movements gives the rider the possibility to control and improve the balance, bend and movement of their horse. Every lateral movement has a specific effect on the horse. For example, during shoulder-in the inside shoulder takes more weight, whereas in renvers the outside shoulder is more loaded.

Philippe Karl likes to ride the combined lateral movements in a figure of eight. Through these exercises with constant changes in direction, the rider can play with the horse’s balance, with suppleness and flexibility positive side effects. Another possibility is to train the hindquarters, such as when changing from travers to counter shoulder-in. Finally, all the lateral movements can be fluidly combined with one another.

You will learn in this video:

  • The theory behind the lateral movements and putting this into practice
  • How riding travers to renvers on a figure of eight is very good preparation for the half pass
  • What to concentrate on when combining the lateral movements on straight lines

Further videos in this series: 

Philippe Karl

Philippe Karl was a rider for famous Cadre Noir in France for thirteen years. He has made a worldwide name for himself as a trainer, author, and founder of the Ecole de Légèreté.

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