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When it comes to senior horses, the appropriate care and feeding play a big part. In this video, Linda Tellington-Jones will show you that the TTouches can also support your horse’s long term health. Just 5 minutes makes a difference. Learn how to apply TTouches on the ears, forelock and abdominals of your horse.

The ear TTouches affect the horse’s digestive and respiratory systems which make them not only useful for the daily life of the horse but also in case of colic. Linda shows you how to apply them and how, by paying attention to the reactions of your horse, you can figure out the appropriate pressure to use.

The forelock of your horse is also a sensitive area as it helps activate the Cranial fluid system through the whole body of the horse. The one thing to keep in mind: pay attention to your horse’s responses and adapt the movements and pressure to his needs.


You will learn in this video:

  • TTouches for the health of senior horses
  • The connection that exists between the ears and the body of horses
  • How to read your horse’s signals when applying TTouches

Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones is known worldwide as a horse trainer. She has developed effective, versatile and gentle methods, called the TTouch, that positively change the health and behavior of the horse. Her goals are to use gentle touches to build trust and confidence so that we can communicate and learn better together.

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