Just Paul Part 3: dressage training in windy and noisy conditions

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The young gelding “Just Paul” had just started his dressage training with Ingrid Klimke in the first two parts of this series. Ingrid Klimke receives help from her mentor Paul Stecken. The aids are explained to the young horse from the very beginning of the warm-up. Guiding him with the outside rein, half halts and lengthening the strides in trot are practiced.

Due to wind and building work going on near the arena Just Paul is quite distracted, getting tense and shying. Ingrid Klimke works on getting him to pay attention and relax in his body and mind by riding quietly, staying relaxed and rewarding him with her voice. Nearly two months later Just Paul is much more advanced in his dressage training and does the cavaletti work without worrying about the noise and building work going on next to the arena.

You will learn in this video:

  • The best way to ride a young horse despite distractions such as noise or wind
  • How to ride past a spooky spot during the work
  • What can be achieved after a few months of consistent dressage training

Further videos in this series: 

Ingrid Klimke

She is an Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion and is following in the footsteps of her famous father, dressage legend Reiner Klimke. Ingrid Klimke is one of the few professional riders in the world that is successful at an international level in both eventing as well as dressage.

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