An Evening with Cathy Woods

Watch the replay of our online event with long-time Yoga & Meditation teacher Cathy Woods to learn how the lifestyle aspects of yoga, such as mindfulness and breathwork, can help you when interacting with horses.

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Exclusive: An Evening with wehorse Trainer Cathy Woods

Long-time yoga teacher and horsewoman Cathy Woods believes the meditative, mindful breathwork and lifestyle aspects of a yoga practice, as well as the postures, can be profoundly helpful in our interactions with horses.

Cathy believes in helping riders of all disciplines achieve present moment awareness; finding body, breath, and energy awareness; breathing through challenges; listening to your inner voice; slow down; and developing balance and symmetry in the saddle. All of these are key to better communication and improved partnership with our horses.

She views the yoga mat as a place for ground work and collection for the human.

What does it include?

Exercises to try at home​

How to integrate your learnings into your daily life and training

Inspiring Presentation​

Learn how mindfulness can improve our partnership with our horses


Viewers were able to get in touch with Cathy Woods in our Q&A discussion

What will you learn?