Cathy Woods: Pioneer in Equestrian Yoga

Cathy Woods created the unique concept “Body, Mind, Equine”. This program focuses on the use of yoga principles and posture to improve horsemanship from ground to saddle.

In the latest episode of “The Equestrian Connection” Cathy explains that Yoga is more than one stretching exercise after another. It’s a complete mindset and a way of living as it combines breathwork, meditation and energy awareness. When Cathy has to describe Yoga in one word it would be “Awareness”.

A decade ago, when she began to create yoga exercises for equestrians, people weren’t open to that. But in our fast-moving world, people are more and more open to see how Yoga can improve their horsemanship and relationship with their horse.

This Podcast episode is really inspiring for our daily work with horses. It lets us pay more attention to the smallest signals of our horse as well as of our environment and surroundings.

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