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Lunging training cavaletti distances - Ingrid Klimke

Lunging: Vary your Training with Cavaletti Exercises

Lunging training over poles and Cavaletti is a particularly worthwhile exercise: your horse is stimulated to push off with more intent, ideally with the movement running through the whole body, going over the back and raising the chest.
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3 Cavaletti Exercises for your Horse

Cavaletti exercises are a great opportunity for horses of all ages and levels to get in some gymnastic work.

The School of Légèreté: What Makes it so Special?

A dressage philosophy that emphasizes lightness. What do Philippe Karl and his students do differently? A visit to a School of Légèreté course reveals how it differs from – and also is similar to – conventional riding methods.

4 Preparatory Exercises for your Jumping Horse

Preparation is half the battle. This also applies to jumping exercises for horses – ‘just do it’ is not the right strategy here. It is much more fun, and much safer for horse and rider, if you prepare yourself step by step and grow with your tasks....

The Walk of your Horse: An Underestimated Gait

In this article you will find out why paying more attention to your training in walk will help your riding, with the likelihood of making more advanced movements easier to ask for and achieve. If you're not quite sure what a correct walk should actually look like, read on! We are also going to explain how to improve the walk, no matter what breed of horse you ride.

Lunging Horses According to the Various Philosophies

If you are concerned with lunging your horse correctly, you will quickly encounter dogmatic disputes. With side reins or without, on the bit or not, with a bridle or a cavesson? In fact, there are several systems for lunging horses, and as different as they are, so varied is the equipment.

10 Facts About Working Equitation

In this article dedicated to Working Equitation, German high-level rider Birte Ostwald explains what makes this discipline so fascinating. You’ll learn how it works. She herself rides up to the highest classes. She trains with Stefan Schneider, who is a professional Working Equitation Trainer in Germany and...
Lunge white horse dressage

Straightness Training for Asymmetrical Horses!

No horse is born completely symmetrical. Asymmetry poses no problems for natural activities like running and grazing.

Improving your Riding Position: How to Prevent the “Chair Seat”

Adopting a correct rider's position is a concern for every rider. There are usually two groups of riders that deal with the chair seat problem: new riders at the beginning of their training, and many, many riding instructors teaching the basics. Because no matter how often the...