Training horses: 5 tips for more success & motivation!

1. Do you need some motivation for training your horses? Time to break old routines: what does a normal day at the stable currently look like? You arrive, greet your horse, then sit down and have a cup of coffee. Later you think, time to get going, or...

Protecting your horse’s legs: boots or bandages?

 Are bandages or riding boots better to protect our horse’s legs? Or perhaps it would be healthier not to use them at all?There’s an argument for every position: boots are better at cushioning external impacts, bandages provide a snug fit; however, without leg protection, no body heat...

Riding a correct dressage halt: how to score points in competition

There’s one thing that can help you collect extra points at your next dressage test: riding a good dressage halt! That’s because a good halt counts as much as other “more difficult” dressage skills. A proper halt leaves a good impression and will definitely rack up points....

What makes riders of Philippe Karl’s Légèreté school so special?

A dressage philosophy that emphasises lightness. What do Philippe Karl and his students do differently? A visit to a School of Légèreté course reveals how it differs from – and also is similar to – conventional riding methods.  The bay mare pulls hard against the rein during a...

Choosing a Saddle Pad

Every rider wants a well-fitting saddle, but this is a wish that’s not easy to fulfil. Many riders, then, will reach for aids such as pads. But with so many different kinds, how do you go about choosing a saddle pad that’s right for you? Master Saddler...

Improving your riding position: how to prevent “Chair Seat”

Adopting a correct riding position is a concern for every rider. There are usually two groups of riders that deal with the chair seat problem: new riders at the beginning of their training, and many, many riding instructors teaching the basics. Because no matter how often chair...

The riding seat: 10 exercises to help you improve your position!

“One of these days I’ll have to do something about my riding seat!” – who among us hasn’t thought this? Simply starting will help considerably. We’ve compiled the best exercises for your riding seat, which you can do the next time you’re in the saddle. Good luck!

Equine First Aid: caring for your horse’s wounds

Injuries and ailments can – literally – get under your horse’s skin. These are often associated with side effects that affect not only the horse’s appearance, which makes good horse wound care all the more important.The skin is a genuine multi-talent, fulfilling a variety of tasks. It...

4 Preparatory jumping exercises for horses

Preparation is half the battle. This also applies to horse jumping exercises – ‘just do it’ is not the right strategy here. It is much more fun, and much safer for horse and rider, if you prepare yourself step by step and grow with your tasks. This...