Horses back - Trapezius msucle

The trapezius isn’t the only important muscle of the horses back

One: The horse should move through the back. Two: The back should be nicely muscled. Many riders share these goals. But exactly which muscles form the horses back?
Lunging training cavaletti distances - Ingrid Klimke

Vary your lunging training with cavaletti and other equipment

Autumn is here, whether we like it or not! Are you also thinking about how you can offer your horse some variety in lunging training right now?
Kathrin Roida - Ground work training

The introduction to in-hand exercises in ground work training

wehorse now has ground work training videos with Kathrin Roida! The trainer works in Fürstenfeldbruck in Bavaria, Germany and has acquired her knowledge mainly through Manuel Jorge de Oiveira, Marc de Broissia, Dr Gerd Heuschmann and Anja Beran. In her training videos, she demonstrates basic ground work...
Stefan Schneider Horsemanship

First tying, lungeing & saddling: Tips for basic training of young horses

There is great value to a successful start in a horse’s training, which is why Uta Gräf and her husband Stefan Schneider dedicate so much attention to this phase.
Breaking young horse Graef

First time on: training young horses unassisted

This is Part 2 of young horse training at Gut Rothenkircherhof.
Lunge white horse dressage

Straightness training for asymmetrical horses!

No horse is born completely symmetrical. Asymmetry poses no problems for natural activities like running and grazing.
Fitting saddle - Step 03

Does your saddle fit? How to test it yourself!

A well-fitting saddle is worth its weight in gold!
wehorsewednesday cavaletti exercise

3 cavaletti exercises for your horse

Cavaletti exercises are a great opportunity for horses of all ages and levels to get in some gymnastic work.
Lunging with cavesson

Lunging on the bit or with a cavesson – which is right?

If you are concerned with correct lunging, you will quickly encounter dogmatic disputes. With side reins or without, on the bit or not, with a bridle or a cavesson? In fact, there are several systems for lunging horses, and as different as they are, so varied is...