Loading Horses in the Trailer: A Step By Step Approach

Imagine your friend leading you up to a porta-potty-sized box, and telling you to get in. What would you say? How might you feel? What would you be thinking? And most importantly, would you get in? Perhaps it would depend on the friend, or the context of the...

Lateral Exercises in Dressage: From Leg Yield to Half Pass

The first-time seeing dressage in action is much like watching magic. The complexity and discipline required to execute such intricate, sophisticated patterns and maneuvers is almost unbelievable. So, what it is that allows competitors to showcase such fine-tuned athletes? The key to that answer begins with suppleness...

Getting a Handle on Rearing and Bucking: A Time and a Place for Everything

We’ve all seen it—that climactic moment in the Old Westerns where our hero is seen against a fiery orange sunset, just about to take off to capture the villain, and the climactic horse rearing silhouette is seen sharply contrasted against the desert sunset. The horse is heard...

What Riders Equipment Do You Need When Competing?

While rules can be quite relaxed when you are just competing against friends, when you start competing at a more serious level, you need the right equipment. In fact, you may have to appear in front of an inspector to prove that you are ready to enter...

The Ultimate Guide to Show Jumping Competitions

The discipline of show jumping is one of the three equestrian disciplines found at the Olympics, World Equestrian Games, World Cup Series, and the Nations Cup Series. It is a fascinating yet, challenging discipline where preparation is a prerequisite for success in the ring. Summary What is a...

Tackling the Speed Trial Obstacles in Working Equitation

The speed trial is the final test during Working Equitation individual competitions and the next to last in team competitions. It is thrilling to watch a great horse and rider win this portion of the competition because it takes hard work for both. It can also be...

The Rider’s Position in Show Jumping

If you are ready to take your show jumping to the next level, you need to concentrate on your jumping positions. Using the correct positions during a jump allows you to have better balance, helps your mount perform better and lessens the likelihood that you will get...

Eventing: From the Dressage Ring to the Cross Country Start Box

If there was one ultimate test to gauge athleticism in humans, what might that test be? A marathon? An Iron Man? Perhaps there would exist a bit of debate regarding this topic, but in the world of equestrian sports, the answer is clear, and that answer is Eventing.

Forward & Down: The Key to a Correct Stretching Posture

Everyone talks about how stretching forward and downwards towards the bit is good for the horse, but actually being able to do it correctly is not so easy. Knowing the “how, why and when” all comes into play and are important factors to riding, or training, a correct forward downwards frame. Dr. Britta Schöffmann explains everything.