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Problem horses – There is always a reason

Table of Contents: When are horses considered problem horses? Why are there problem horses? The importance of timely recognition of issues Problems due to human

Basic Knowledge

Success is Just Around the Bend: Tips for Developing the Bending Dressage Horse

Flexibility. It’s one of our most important traits. Life is all about flexibility. Whether it’s preparing for a last-minute meeting, dealing with a change in plans for your dinner date, or simply embracing a spontaneous moment during this great adventure we call life, everyone needs to be flexible. Everyone needs to have a little bend. So do horses; especially in the complex arena of the world of dressage.


Cathy Woods: Pioneer in Equestrian Yoga

Cathy Woods created the unique concept “Body, Mind, Equine”. This program focuses on the use of yoga principles and posture to improve horsemanship from ground


John Haime: Ride with Confidence

John Haime is a human performance coach, who helps you to bring the best out of yourself. Many athletes around the globe trust him to


Josepha Guillaume: Dressage In Hand

Josepha Guillaume is an international horse trainer and instructor, and author of the book Dressage In Hand. Based in Belgium, Josepha comes from a solid


5 Rules to Develop More Swing in Your Dressage Movements

“Real” momentum in dressage not only looks good, it is also a test of proper training. In this article you will find out what a correct swing looks like, how you can improve your horse’s swing, and which five rules you should definitely keep in mind when developing swing.


4 Preparatory Exercises for your Jumping Horse

Preparation is half the battle. This also applies to jumping exercises for horses. It is much more fun, and much safer for horse and rider, if you prepare yourself step by step and grow with your tasks.