Celeste-Leilani Lezaris: Being a Student of the Horse

Celeste Leilani Lazaris is the founder of the Balance through Movement Method, a revolutionary equine development method focused on improving performance and preventing lameness. Celeste herself is a biomechanical lameness specialist and an expert in equine movement and muscle development. But more than anything, she says she is a student of the horse.

Over the last decade, Celeste has carefully reverse-engineered her bodywork and performance training knowledge to dissect the core reasons why horses struggle so much in the first place, and from there she has developed a unique lens and ability to body map the condition of the horse to find it’s strengths and weaknesses from a balance point of view.

Her primary specialties include nerve impingements, thoracic sling development, spinal integrity, and balanced equine movement.

If some of those terms sound foreign to you, don’t worry, we discuss it all, and so much more, in this podcast episode.

Connect with Celeste:

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