Christa Myers: Making Your Equestrian Entrepreneurship Dreams a Reality

Christa Myers is the woman behind the Equestrian Bookkeeper and Equestrian Entrepreneur. Christa grew up as most of us horse-loving kids do, which is filling their days with barn time but not fully living out their dreams due to financial limitations. In 2020, Christa began to build out the idea of combining her love for horses, passion for continuous improvement, and knowledge of business and financial operations to create her own business, which launched January 1, 2021. Through this, she realized that what is common sense to her in business and finances was not common sense to everyone else. Now, Christa’s days are now filled with helping equestrian entrepreneurs build businesses that are profitable, stable, and fuel their passion. This episode is all about things equestrian entrepreneurship, funding the horse girl dream, squashing money myths, and so much more. Connect with Christa:

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