Christian Kroeber: Making Waves in Online Equestrian Education

Christian Kroeber is Co-Founder & CEO of wehorse, a brand of welearn GmbH. wehorse is Europe’s leading streaming education provider for equestrians, and now has users in over 40 countries around the globe, including an expansion into North America.

Born in Germany, Christian has a distinguished background in both entrepreneurship and equestrian sports. Having successfully competed in Dressage and Show Jumping on a national level, he has been deeply rooted in the equestrian world from early on. For example, his father founded EQUITANA, the Equestrian Sport World Fair, in 1972.

Christian shares the passion to connect horse-lovers globally and push the frontiers of technology and education. He pioneered the concept of online equestrian education by transforming the former company “pferdia TV” from a DVD-based e-commerce site into wehorse, the equestrian education and video streaming platform we know and love.

Christian continues his involvement in the sport as moderator and host of major equestrian events such as EQUITANA, World Cup Events, the German Championships in Dressage and Show Jumping, and many more.

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