Ifa Simmonds: A holistic approach to wellness for equestrians

Ifa Simmonds is a certified fitness professional with over a decade of experience working with, coaching, and instructing people over their fitness hurdles and toward their goals. Ifa has spent 6 years now helping equestrians with their riding fitness challenges in areas related to stability, suppleness, strength, and stamina.

Realizing that many equestrian clients have prior injuries, imbalances, overuse strains, and have fallen off without proper recovery, which are all issues that continue to affect their riding and competitive confidence, Ifa developed a systemized approach to their fitness training that allowed them to make the most progress. This program strengthens rider weaknesses for more impactful riding while enhancing the overall technique for an enjoyable, effective, and efficient riding experience.

In this episode, we discuss fitness, nutrition, and mindset for equestrians, how to get started, common blocks like making time, overcoming challenges, and more.

Connect with Ifa:

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