Nikki Porter: Stop Being Disconnected with Your Horse and Yourself

Nikki Porter is an Equestrian Mindset Coach, author, and podcast host. Through her books, podcast, and coaching, Nikki teaches how to grow your mindset to transform you from feeling disconnected, frustrated, and anxious to connected, present, & confident.

Nikki’s podcast, Take the Reins, is a personal growth podcast for horse owners who are invested in strengthening their connection with themselves, their equine partners, and everyone else they communicate with. She also has downloadable meditations, journals, and her own book, the Conscious Communicator available on her website.

In this episode, Nikki discusses things like making difficult choices, the benefits of meditation and how to get started, knowing your truth and living it authentically, why working on yourself is critical for a true partnership with your horse, and so much more.

You can learn more about Nikki at https://nikkiporter.ca/ 

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