Shelby Dennis: Understanding horse behaviour

Shelby Dennis is a horse trainer and Equine Behaviour Consultant based in British Columbia, Canada. She is also the owner of Milestone Equestrian, a training and equine sale business, and the author of her debut book, ‘The Other Side of Horsemanship.’ Apart from her academic education, Shelby also has varied horse experience from the Arabian horse circuit to hunter/jumper, to dressage, to exercising race horses. The understanding and correct application of equine learning theory that she’s learned has allowed Shelby to hone her skills as a horse person and continue modernizing her approach as a trainer, with emphasis on equine ethology and ethical practice. In this episode, we discuss equine behaviour, training horses with their learning theory in mind, and how we can do better in the horse industry from the perspective of ethics and understanding. Connect with Shelby:

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