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Cathy Woods

Cathy Woods is a yoga teacher and horsewoman who combines her passions to improve horsemanship through yoga principles and postures, offering retreats, clinics, and writing for various publications.

Cathy Woods is a long-time yoga teacher, retreat leader, and horsewoman, having taught yoga to equestrians and non-equestrians since 1991 at distinguished locations such as Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Yogaville Ashram, and Mount Madonna Center. An equine enthusiast and an avid rider who loves exploring the natural world from the back of a horse.

A True Yogi and Author of Yoga for Riders

Cathy Woods combined her passions to create a program called “Body, Mind, Equine,” which focuses on the use of yoga principles and postures to improve horsemanship, from ground to saddle.

She offers retreats and clinics at ranches, resorts, equine centers, and expos—including Equine Affaire, and Equitana USA—as well as for equestrian organizations such as USHJA and private groups. Cathy Woods has written for and been featured in numerous online and print publications such as Horse & Rider Magazine, Horse Illustrated, Equus, Cowgirl Magazine, Western Horse & Gun Magazine, EQAMerica, Yoga Digest,, Equitrekking, Flying Changes Magazine, and others. She aims to impart an aware/mindful approach to yoga and horsemanship in order to make enhanced horsemanship and true yoga accessible to everyone while promoting a more enriched and skillful life. Cathy Woods is based in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina but teaches nationally.

Horsemanship from Ground to Saddle

After being a yoga teacher for several years the two passions of Cathy Woods converged: Yoga and Horsemanship. She noticed that everything she was doing on the yoga mat she was naturally and organically bringing into her horsemanship. By talking about horsemanship Cathy Woods means everything related to the horse from ground to saddle. When talking about yoga it’s not only about the exercises but also about breathwork, meditation, energy awareness, body awareness, and therefore a complete mindset and way of living. When Cathy sits in the saddle, just as on the yoga mat, she pays attention to the smallest signals and movements and corrects them accordingly. Is there too much weight on the right stirrup? Am I unconsciously pulling my shoulders up? These supposedly small things can have a big impact on a horse and the riding. In her classes, Cathy Woods teaches her students how to notice and correct such small differences and how yoga can significantly influence their interaction with the horse.

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