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Dr. Britta Schöffmann

Britta Schöffmann started riding at a young age, eventually becoming successful in dressage to Grand Prix level; she believes in riding all horses harmoniously regardless of breed and is passionate about sharing her knowledge through books, speaking engagements, and educational articles.

From Ponies Training to Grand Prix Level

Supported by her parents and their fascination for horses, Britta Shöffmann learned to ride from a very early age. With no such thing as pony “sport” back then, she rode her pony at competitions, took part in the fancy dress classes as well as treasure hunts on horseback. Later, dressage became her passion. She obtained her “Goldene Reitabzeichen'' (a German award for certain success at a high level) when she was 20 and successfully took part in Grand Prix classes a few years later with her self-trained stallion, Vivance.

All Horses Deserve Good Riding

“I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to train with amazing horsemen such as Fritz Tempelmann, Willi Schultheis, Harry Boldt, Jean Bemelmans and more recently, Klaus Balkenhol. I am also very grateful to the horses that have always given me everything they had”

The sale of her four-legged friends was never an option. She always sought to reach their individual optimum, for example, her mare La Picolina, known as “Liese” and originally purchased for her husband to trail ride, ended up placing in the Grand Prix Dressage Derby in Hamburg.

Maybe this is the reason why Britta has no preference for any breed over the other. “it doesn’t matter whether a big moving warmblood or a less expressive horse of unknown breeding stands before me. I think they all deserve to be ridden as harmonically as possible and brought along to the best of their ability. Each horse deserves to be ridden kindly- and for that dressage is the best way to accomplish that”

A Passion for Sharing her Knowledge

Britta Schöffmann is one of the most successful authors worldwide of dressage books, and much sought after as a speaker and writer of educational articles. The promoted sports scientist’s clear and concise way of bringing her thoughts across and especially her efforts promoting dressage training not just as a stepping stone to the sport but especially as an excellent basis of good riding for every horse of all breeds and every rider, her passion for sharing her knowledge, both theoretical and in practice, has won her many fans.

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