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Dr. Reiner Klimke

Dr. Reiner Klimke had a significant impact on the international dressage scene, winning numerous medals and championships, and training his horses according to classical principles.

His Impact on the International Dressage Scene

The success and reputation of German riding is closely linked with one name: Dr. Reiner Klimke. The lawyer from Münster, Germany was already a riding legend in his lifetime. Together with his horses Dux, Mehmed and Ahlerich Reiner Klimke became one of the most successful riders in history.

At the beginning of his riding career, Reiner Klimke was already impressive with his success in Eventing. He was on the medal-winning Team at two European Championships, part of the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome and won the at the German Eventing Championships before specializing purely in dressage.

In the dressage saddle at the Olympics, he won a total of six Gold and two Bronze medals and was for a very long time one of the most successful German Olympians. Having won six World Championships and eleven European Championships he is one of the most successful dressage riders in the world.

Outside the dressage arena, Reiner Klimke was also a very active representative. As Deputy Chairman of the Sports Commission, he sat in the state parliament of North-Rhine Westfalen from 1990 to 1995. In 1991, Klimke was awarded the Olympic Order of the IOC and was the recipient of all the awards of the German Equestrian Federation. The "L 'Annee Hippique" yearbook chose him as the "Dressage Rider of the Century".

A Training Philosophy Influenced by Classical Dressage

His motto “riding should make horses stronger and more beautiful” is continually heeded, with Klimke training all his horses following classical principles. His most successful and well-known horse was Ahlerich, who died at age 21 from colic. Their ride to Gold at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles will never be forgotten. The special relationship between them meant they became one in the arena. Elegance, control and precision were the contributing factors for their enormous success.

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