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Eva Deimel

Eva Deimel, a successful show jumper and instructor, believes that discipline, healthy ambition, and common sense are key to achieving success. She emphasizes the importance of basics in teaching, with students ranging from beginners to Olympic trainees.

Discipline, Healthy Ambition and Common Sense

"With a lot of discipline, a healthy ambition, and common sense we can achieve a lot with our horses." This is not only the motto of Eva Deimel, but her way of living. These qualities led her to become a successful show jumper and instructor. She was a 5-time Westphalian and German vice-champion in show jumping and gained training experience for many years as a coach in a riding school and by teaching at clinics for young talents.

Eva Deimel doesn’t consider herself as a naturally talented rider. She understands the challenges of riding and has worked very hard to overcome them in the saddle as well as when teaching. She emphasizes the importance of the basics when teaching, not only to beginners but also to experienced riders. Her students include young riders competing at the toughest classes as well as the trainees of Olympic Champion Ingrid Klimke.

A Passion Worth the Hard Work

The enthusiasm for horses began in childhood. At the age of 11, Eva Deimel started riding lessons once a week on school horses in the riding school Frölich. She did not get much support from her parents when it came to riding, so she had to earn every additional riding lesson by working in the riding business - even then her discipline and ambition were awakened.

Several years later, she successfully completed her apprenticeship as a professional rider and trained young, talented horses for competition, including the three-time Derby winner "Colin" by Contender. Eva Deimel had "been bitten by the bug", so to speak, and passed the exam to become a master of horse management, which did not stop her from continuing to drive with her boss Hendrik Snoek as a groom to the big tournaments.

As his career ended the time had come for Eva Deimel: She took part in numerous competitions, collected numerous successes, and was often placed at national championships. In 1999, she was awarded the Golden Riding Badge for her success with self-trained horses. An important companion and adviser during her career and until today for Eva Deimel is the former national coach, Kurt Gravemeier.

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