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Frank Lütz

Frank Lütz discovered his passion for horses and driving in the 1970s, and after years of training and experience, he became a professional driver and trainer, eventually founding a successful training center in California.

Horses and Driving: A Passionate Man

His wife infected him with the "horse virus". In the 1970s, Frank Lütz discovered his passion for the noble animals and was particularly enthusiastic about driving. In the following years, he met various professional drivers from Europe and improved his skills in the saddle and in the driver's seat.

The fundamentals of the German training scale became his "Bible". As a co-driver in the team of German driver, Michael Quinkler, he built on this and was able to expand his experience in the various areas of driving for over nine years. With his first own horse, the Friesian gelding Marc, he finally began his career as a single driver. Together the two won many combined classes up to high levels.

Life-Changing Decisions and Pathway to Professionalism

In the 90s, the trainee and trainer, originally from Bonn, founded the first German driving sports magazine "Pferde-Fahren-Sport" together with his wife, the dressage rider Marlies Lütz. Soon, the horses were no longer just a hobby, but were his life and full-time job.

In 2008, the couple sold the publishing company and emigrated to California in the United States. The "Central Coast Training Center"they founded there, stands for successful training of driving horses and riders.

The horses of Frank Lütz are also ridden in the field, in dressage and in jumping and trained for all positions in the team. In lessons and courses, the horseman shares his many years of experience in riding and driving with students up to the highest classes. The combined driving test in which dressage, cross and course tasks must be completed is still his specialty today.

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