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Former German U21 Show Jumping National Coach

Lars Meyer zu Bexten

Lars Meyer zu Bexten, an internationally successful show jumping rider and trainer, inherited the show jumping gene from his father and emphasizes the importance of mastering the basics and fostering relationships in the sport.

Inherited the Show Jumping Gene

Lars Meyer zu Bexten was born in 1973 in Herford and is the son of successful show jump rider Ulrich Meyer zu Bexten. He has been in the saddle since he was a little boy and won his first S level showjumping class at the age of 15. Two years later the jumping expert was on the winning Junior European Championships Team and not long after was awarded with his Golden Reitabzeichen (German award for certain success at a high level). In 1996 Lars Meyer zu Bexten had his first Nations Cup victory.

An Internationally Successful Rider and Trainer

In addition to channeling his energy into his passion for horses he also graduated from his Business Administration studies in 2002. As the German National Trainer for Children, Juniors and Young Riders from 2005 until 2013, he was active with the DOKR (German Olympic Committee for Riding). He was also the successful Team Manager of the Hong Kong Team at the China Games in 2009 and 2013 as well as the Asian Games in 2010.

As a representative of the FEI since 2004, Lars Meyer zu Bexten has been busy coaching internationally. The respected show manager, sports administrator and event organizer began the “Bexter Farm Open” and the “German Friendships”, the latter drawing young show jumping competitors from all over the world with the motto “friendships, not championships”, both held at his amazing Equestrian Centre in Herford.

Basic & Togetherness: The Fundamentals of His Philosophy

Lars Meyer zu Bexten strongly believes that success in show jumping is enabled by mastering the basics. Once the rider develops a feeling for the correct rhythm, tempo, as well as an eye for distance, his ability to manage more difficult fences and exercises increases naturally.

Another great aspect of Lars’ philosophy is the importance of togetherness. He strongly encourages the networking and the development of relationships between show jumping riders from all over the world. His motto: “Friendship, not Championships”.

 You can read more about Lars Meyer zu Bexten on his website

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