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Marlies Fischer-Zillinger

Marlies Fischer-Zillinger is a physiotherapist and breathing therapist who combines her skills with equestrian training to improve the rider's seat and promote a harmonious relationship with the horse.

A Combination of Equestrian & Non-Equestrian Skills

Marlies Fischer-Zillinger is a Physiotherapist, breathing therapist, physical therapy teacher and therapist of Concentrated Movement. When she graduated from the School for Physiotherapy in Coburg she worked in various Therapeutic Centres in South Germany, amongst others, a Practise for Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, and an Orthopaedic Clinic.

In the middle of Munich, Marlies Fischer-Zillinger has her own Physiotherapy practice with a focus on Reflective Breathing Therapy. She also writes articles for journals and magazines. She works closely with Claudia Weissauer, a qualified trainer who teaches students of all ages at Gut Kastensee. From pony riding to dressage, jumping, vaulting and lunging lessons, her students receive a complete education.

The Body Language of the Rider: A Holistic Training Approach

Her time with Claudia Weissauer deepened her love of horses. Both had a keen interest in the motion of riders and by combining their knowledge, came up with the concept of Body Language of the Rider. They share their knowledge and experience with courses designed purely to improve the rider's seat. A video motion analysis of each rider makes it possible to pinpoint weaknesses and mistakes the rider may have or make. Exercises carried out both on and off the horse make it possible to forget old patterns and help develop a seat that swings with the horse as well as improving the way the rider breathes.

The main goal Marlies Fischer-Zillinger has is to promote a harmonic relationship with the horse. The rider should have the feeling that they only need to think of what they want the horse to do and he responds to the lightest of aids.

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Marlies Fischer-Zillinger

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