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Former Eventing Rider and German National Trainer

Martin Plewa

Martin Plewa is a passionate instructor and former national trainer of eventing in Germany, who emphasizes the importance of harmony between horses and humans and advocates for responsible and individualized training approaches.

A Passionate Instructor who Learned From the Great Ones

Martin Plewa is a representative of the classical riding apprenticeship. He was appointed riding master and learned with great masters such as Major a.D. Paul Stecken and Colonel a.D. Hans Winkel. For over 50 years he has been riding and training in dressage, jumping as well as in eventing. From 1985 to 2001 he was the national trainer of eventing in Germany.

During his active riding time, he won medals at the German Junior Championships in dressage and jumping and participated in several German Championships as well as two European and two World Championships in eventing.

After studying and teaching at the Youth Village Christophorus Gymnasium in Versmold, the Vreden-born riding champion became a state coach of eventing in Westphalia from 1971 to 1976 - a forerunner of his later 16-year career as head national eventing coach for Germany from 1985 to May 2001. This period included participation in several Olympic Games where a gold medal was won in 1988. In 1977 Martin Plewa was awarded the Golden Riding Badge and in 1980 he passed the examination to become a Master of Horse Economics.

A Strong Advocate of Harmony Between Horses and Humans

Martin Plewa has been riding and training according to the classical principles for several decades. It is particularly important to him that the rider always takes responsibility for his horse and develops a knowledge and understanding of its natural dispositions, behavior, anatomy, and physiology.

“When people think that horses do not feel, horses must feel that people do not think.”

Martin Plewa strongly encourages the development of trustful and respectful relationships between humans and horses, on the ground and in the saddle. At the center of his philosophy is the idea that problems or difficulties in training are always the responsibility of the rider and never the horse and that an individual approach to each horse and a light communication is the way towards a joyful togetherness of rider and horse.

Today, Martin Plewa is a lecturer at the University of Economics and Environment in Nürtingen, where he holds seminars and lectures and passes on his knowledge and experience in courses to active riders, instructors, and competition experts such as judges and course directors.

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