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Pedro Torres

Pedro Torres is the most successful rider in Working Equitation, having won numerous titles worldwide, and is known for his skill, empathy, and focus on the welfare of horses.

The Most Successful Rider in Working Equitation

Anyone involved with Working Equitation will most likely hear the name Pedro Torres mentioned in the first five minutes. The multiple European and World Champion is a rider, trainer, instructor, and coach of the Portuguese National Team. With his famous stallion “Oxidado” he played a big role in the sport and won the most titles in Working Equitation worldwide.

As well as Working Equitation, Pedro Torres has also represented his country internationally in Grand Prix dressage. He is a talented allrounder and impresses everyone the way he approaches and combines different disciplines.

An Early Education With the Bests

Pedro Torres was born in Lisbon and developed his passion for horses and riding as a child. Having ridden for fun as a child he started giving lessons at the local riding school as a teenager- an absolute success, for this, led him to move to Quinta da Marinha and to training sport horses. João Pedro Rodrigues, Riding Master of the Portuguese School of Equestrian Arts, was responsible for influencing many riders with his riding ability and knowledge. Pedro Torres worked and studied for around fifteen years with him and owes his legendary stallion Oxidado to him.

The Bond with the Horse is the Most Important Thing for Him

“One needs a partnership with the horse. If you achieve that then you have a horse with lots of presence. I want my horses to let their personality shine through”

Pedro Torres is renowned for his skill not only as a rider but also as a trainer, for empathizing with every student and finding an individual solution for them and their horse. His top focus is on the welfare and respectful handling of horses. He believes that success can only be the result of correct and efficient communication between a rider and its horse.

The sensitivity and correctness in dealing with the partner horse are crucial for the rapid demands in the trail of the Working Equitation. Horses and riders are constantly learning from each other and from others. His motto: "To learn from everyone - that's my philosophy!"

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