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Riding Master and Founder of the Ecole de Légèreté

Philippe Karl

Philippe Karl, a former member of the Cadre Noir, is a master of the art of riding and founder of the Ecole de Légèreté, a school that promotes a philosophy of lightness and respect for the horse in training.

Becoming a Master of the Art of Riding

Philippe Karl gave up studying medicine to follow a career with horses, studying breeding at the Zootechnical Studies Centre ( Centre d’Enseignement Zootechnique) in Rambouillet and then later at the National French Stud, Haras National du Pin. In 1971 he received his national riding instructors certificate and spent seven years at the Centre d’Enseignement Zootechnique in Rambouillet, as head of their riding department and responsible for professional training, from 1972-1979. Running his own stable from 1980-1985 he competed in eventing and showjumping competitions before becoming a member of the renowned Cadre Noir in 1985. He took part in the ridden exhibitions given by the Cadre Noir in France and throughout Europe for thirteen years.

Life After Cadre Noir

Eventually, Philippe Karl left the Cadre Noir and passed on his knowledge and experience to students worldwide. A master of the art of riding and advocate of Légèreté (French for “lightness”), Philippe Karl is in demand worldwide as a trainer. Even today he still holds clinics in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the USA.

Founder of the Ecole de Légèreté

Philippe Karl founded the concept of the Ecole de Légèreté, or “School of Lightness” in 2004 so that people could become qualified riding teachers learning his riding philosophy from the ground up.

All horses, even the most normal of horses, can learn to collect when trained with the Légèreté philosophy”

The basic principle of the Ecole de Légèreté is total respect for the horse. Force or brutality is absolutely forbidden. The goal of the school of lightness is a diversified training that leads to a horse that is always light to the aids. A trusting dialogue between horse and rider is held in high esteem.

“An intelligent hand is better than any imaginable method of force”

This concept has been inspired by the teachings of Riding Masters such as Xenophon, Fiaschi, La Broue, Pluvinel, La Guérinière, Dupaty de Clam, Hünersdorf, Freiherr von Sind, Baucher, Raabe, L’Hotte, Faverot de Kerbrech, Beudant and Oliveira.

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Philippe Karl

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